Road Traps

We produced our manuel road traps in accordance with the final users’ needs. It is advised to use at autoparks, factory and warehouses, entrances and exits for controlled passing. You take the control with cheap price and easy application.


Road Blocker

Road blockers belong to equipment that manage the vehicles’ passing at the road, which
can integrated with barrier control system, traffic lights, infrated sensors, parking lot machine.


Rising Bollards

Our ‘Hydraulic’ or ‘Air-Operated’ Bollards are designed for high security vehicle entrances. It allows regulation of traffic into certain zones with high vehicle flow (e.g. restricted areas, pedestrian areas, parking and industrial sites and many more) with its strong body construction. Our rising bollards can be produced hydraulic or air-operated and also with special sizes in accordance with customer needs.


History of Wrought Iron

In its simplest definition 'Wrought Iron' is a specific type of iron, and the traditional material of the blacksmith, deriving its name from the word 'wrought', which is the medieval past tense of the verb 'to work'. Wrought Iron literally means 'worked iron', which refers to the method of manufacturing the metal by working repeatedly under a hammer. In the past the work of the blacksmith therefore became known as 'Wrought Ironwork', a name that has persisted for the art form even though the metal in use may not be wrought iron. Today the common material of the blacksmith is Mild Steel which is a cheap industrial product lacking many of the virtues of its ancestor.

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